Natural History Museum, Oxford, Saturday November 19th 2016


 Super Science Saturday view from above of its 22 stalls at the Natural History Museum  

ERGO group members participated in a public engagement, Super Science Saturday at the Natural History Museum Oxford.  

Vistors young and old old were greeted at our stall by real live vectors of the diseases (camels, bats and mosquitoes) and were encouraged to dress in personal protective equipment (PPE) suits, such as those worn by other ERGO group members who worked on clinical trials to find a drug to treat Ebola.

While in PPE, visitors were encouraged to see whether they could detect a disease in a sample without infecting themselves. ERGO's  Ebola and Zika virus research was discussed with visistors.

It was a busy afternoon, with around 2,450 visitors attending the event, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 


The camels were spreading disease to no avail. Our volunteer (centre) wore PPE.


   ELISA test to diagnose Zika virus                                       The mosquito attacks the camel